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Wealthy Affiliate

Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate

First off I just want to start off by saying, I could be wrong, but assuming you’re like me, you’ve either already done, or you’re currently doing your due dilligence on Wealthy Affiliate, right?

Ok perfect.

Quick question for you…

How many times have you typed Wealthy Affiliate review into Google or YouTube, if not both, searching and attempting to find someone who’s just going to keep it real with you, when talking about the company?


Hey look, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone.

But, regardless of the amount, there’s something you must understand.


So what I’ve done is put together some of the important reasons why I made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I would love to get into the Wealthy Affiliate login page and how that alone,can help you earn wa commissions as well, but you’ll learn more about that later…

I’m also sure you want to know, what is wealthy affiliate?

How much does wealthy affiliate cost?

All that good stuff…

And yes, I understand there’s a great chance you’re wondering, is wealthy affiliate legit?

I understand, but right now, I feel what’s most important is that you understand “why” I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Because ultimately, people join WA for tons of different reasons.

So I’m just going to be honest with you about why I chose to get started.


Here’s Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

So is wealthy affiliate worth it? What’s so awesome about the wealthy affiliate program?

You see I love wealthy affiliate compensation and all, but it’s not the main reason I decided to join.

I was looking for tools, resources and supportive community that allows my teammates room to improve and grow daily.

Let me be a little more specific.


Reason #1 – Share Wealthy Affiliate Content & Earn

Allows your teammates and WA members the potential to share your content instead of spending time creating it themselves. Which ultimately means you can share my posts or training’s to refer members to WA.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my wealthy affiliate blog posts called “5 Blogging Hacks to Boost Conversions“.


Want to share my posts, train your members and earn commissions in the process?

If you’re already a teammate of mine, just click the “Affiliate” Tab and this is what you’ll see…


Wealthy Affiliate Rod Singleton Blog Post


If you haven’t created your account yet, get started here and you’ll be able to benefit from this feature as well.

Now keep in mind, you are able to earn with Wealthy Affiliate, but if you’re still learning marketing, I recommend you first focus on covering the cost of your membership.

All it takes is 3 free referrals making the decision to upgrade to a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Think about it, how great would it feel if you didn’t have to worry about a montly payment after simply referring “3” members to WA, they decide to upgrade to the wealthy affiliate premium membership and you’re enjoying your system free, while increasing your results online and showing others how they can follow the same formula.

It’s a winning situation for everyone!


Reason #2 – Wealthy Affiliate Training & Support

Gives you access to hands down some of the top training, marketing education, tools and support online.

Where I recommend you get started is the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

It’s by far one of the most important training’s for any business owner who wants to learn how to build a website, get exposure to that website and create revenue online without having to speak or sell every single person, over and over again.

.This training is definitely a game-changer!

Edit Image


But that’s just one of the many perks of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Another section I recommend you check out once you make a decision to get started, is the “Training HQ” section.

It’s jam-packed with tons of valuable training, tutorials and marketing education you can start applying now.



Now you may be wondering, “But what if I just want to learn about social media?”

Not a problem, Wealthy Affiliate damn near covers it all.

All you have to do is click on the Training tab, then select Training HQ,
choose the “Classrooms” filter option, scroll down and you’ll see it below.



I’m telling you now, there’s soo much value within the Wealthy Affiliate program, I recommend you check it out now.

It could be the difference maker in your business…


Reason #3 – Wealthy Affiliate Teaches Long Term Success

Wealthy Affiliate teaches the same exact formula I used to finally breakthrough and become an authority online.

Now I no longer have to prospect and attempt to convince anyone to join my team.

And people come to me, rather than the other way around…

ready, to get started now!


Now that, is what I’m excited to teach you!


One of the main strategies I teach and want people to decide to thoroughly understand, is SEO.

Utilizing the search engines to provide solutions to people searching to solve their problems.

You see, Wealthy Affiliate understands the real power of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Which is why even if you don’t have previous marketing experience,
their step by step training will help you get it done.


So let me ask you something…


Whenever you want to learn about something or how to do something, is it fair to assume the first two places you likely go to in order to solve your problems are Google and YouTube?


Yea, most people do as well.


Ok so we know people are likely going to Google and YouTube whenever they want more information about pretty much anything, companies, products, people and etc.


Now, with that said, take a second and ask yourself, does it still make sense to post / share endless information about your company throughout your social media profiles, or through the search engines where people are searching, to solve their problems?


Ahhh, now you’re understanding what I mean…

“So instead of posting on social media 24/7, I should put my information, where they ACTUALLY look for more information?”

Yes, exactly! 🙂



Now this is interesting, how is it I can get someone who is in Nigeria interested in my business, when I’m not there…

Look, all of the newest and hottest social media strategies and tactics are cool, but they come and go.

Even if you want to use the search engines to connect with people on social media, that’s way better than guessing and contacting strangers asking if they want to check out your opportunity.


If you want buyer-ready prospects to visit you, your content or contact you when they’re interested in getting started, we have to get you to a point where your content is showing up in (Google and YouTube) the major search engines.

Once you’re seen in trusted search engines, again, where people are “actually” looking for more information…

People will begin to know you, like you and trust you before you even speak with them.

Why you ask?

Because you are solving “THEIR” problems.

Not asking people on social media to join so you can make money.

Choose to solve problems.

It helps benefits both you and the buyer!


Here’s a screenshot of someone contacting me telling me they found my YouTube Channel online…


Here’s another screenshot of someone who has been looking online for my coaching services…



There’s no way I would’ve been able to reach these people while only promoting on social media.

I had to position myself as a solutions provider, where people were actually looking for solutions.

So what I did was decide to create the content once, then leverage the search engines for endless traffic.

Which ultimately helps me get people interested in my business, whether I’m actively there, or not, regardless of whatever I choose to promote.

So powerful!


Now, you may feel like you must become an expert with SEO, or you won’t succeed…

Not true, completely false.

It may actually be a lot simpler than you think.


Some of the key topic you need to focus on learning to make this happen, is blogging and video marketing.

These skill-set’s are way more valuable than people believe and are taught thoroughly throughout Wealthy Affiliate.

The moment I began taking it seriously a long time ago and applying the same information you’re going to be learning inside of Wealthy Affiliate once you decide to get started…


My results began to take off!


Now what happens if I don’t know how to create content?

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how.

Another benefit of using the wealthy affiliate, is the powerful site content tool for bloggers.

And the fact that the platform notifies you when your content is indexed within google and ready to be shown in the search results, is alone by it’s self, ridiculously valuable.


Here’s a screenshot of an email I received from the Co-Founders notifying me that my site post was indexed in google.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Indexed

Now I know you may be asking, “What does indexing and ranking have to do with making money?”

Simple, once you begin indexing and ranking content in the search engines, you are now marketing to people who are searching for EXACTLY what you have to offer.

I’m repeating this marketing philosophy for a reason…

If you get your content in front of people who are looking for more information on what you’re selling, your chances of increasing your results online sky-rocket.

Doing the work once, yet that work producing results for you over and over again, while reaching people all over the world.


Kind of like this post and how you’re reading right now…

You may have watched my YouTube video first, but ultimately you ended up here.

Or you maybe you found this post in Google, ended up watching my YouTube video and I referred you here..

Regardless, all I did was create the content once and since I know how to utlize the search engines for traffic, yourself and others can visit my website, read this post and pay attention to every piece of information on this page..

No worries, you’ll learn how it works once you join Wealthy Affiliate

I learned this information a looong time ago, yet it still works lol

That’s how I’m able to receive messages like the one you see below…


BONUS REASON – Wealthy Affiliate Follow Up Messages

WA Follow-Up Messages allow you to assist your clients and or teammates along their online journey.

Combined with your support and the power of the wealthyaffiliate community, your members have a greater chance at accomplishing their goals.

Here’s how to access your follow up messages.





Wealthy Affiliate Messages



Wealthy Affiliate Rod Singleton


Now being able to help your referrals is awesome…

But you want to know the best part about the wealthy affiliates follow up system?

As you refer more members to the platform, you’re awarded even more follow up messages…

Also, when your members have a new referral, they can show their members how to use the exact same system to help and support their sign up’s as well.

That way no one has to worry about being left behind and everyone works together to win.


Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate and How it Works

Want more Wealthy Affiliate info?

Visit the link below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works.

Click here to View the Wealthy Affiliate Program Details.

to View the Wealthy Affiliate Program Details.

If you’re looking to get started with Wealthy Affiliate the proper way, create your account here and begin the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level-1) right away. You’ll also be able to choose the best wealthy affiliate SiteRubix site from the www wealthyaffiliate com backoffice for your primary business during the process.

Learn, apply, teach others to do the same.

It’s simply a winning formula

Keep it in mind 🙂

Look forward to working with you,
see ya inside!



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