Where Can I Promote My Business for Free?

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So you’re here because you want to know, where can i promote my business for free, right? You’ve got your business, but now you need to know, how and where do I start posting? Here in this post, get ready to learn where you can start promoting your business and the platforms I believe are the most effective places to get the word out about what you’re selling.

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free

So Where Can I Promote My Business for Free?

As you’re wondering where can I promote my business for free, please understand I’m not going to list every single way in this post. That would be, way too much. Now, what I will do, is let you know about the most effective platforms I’ve used to promote my business online for more exposure. Here’s a Top-10 list below of sites for online business promotion.

1. Google

2. YouTube

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. Linkedin

6. Pinterest

7. Reddit

8. Tumblr

9. Slideshare

10. Email Marketing

What’s awesome about all these sites, is I’ve noticed from my experience, they tend to have a higher chance of ranking in google. Which just shows you how poweful it really is to choose as a primary marketing platform.

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free on Facebook?

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free

So you may also be wondering, where can I promote my business for free on Facebook? Great question, because there are definitely a ton of different ways to promote your business on this platform alone. For now, I’ll just share my top 7.

1. Messenger

2. Friends Lists

3. Fan Page

4. Events

5. Docs

6. Groups

7. Notes

One of the main places on Facebook I recommend you to promote your business, is not on your wall, not on your fan page, but inside messenger. Why? Well, because it’s important to build relationships. Connect, then provide solutions, it’s simple and key. When your posting your link all of the time, it just seems salesy. Am I right?

What’s most important though, is the fact that it doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, if you’re not connected to enough people, enough people won’t see your content. I recommend you check out this training video I made about how to find targeted prospects. In the video, I show you how to find the right people to put your content in front of. Once you start connecting and engaging with prospects within your target market, then I recommend you start promoting.

Want more of a breakdown on each? Comment down below saying you want more on Facebook.

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free & Get Results?

If you want to know where can i promote my business for free and get results, you must understand that all sites, aren’t necessarily the best sites to promote on. If you truly want to create better results, the best places in my opinion, Google, YouTube and Facebook. Those are the top three websites in the world, which means people are using those platforms the most. Which means there’s a greater chance people within your Target Market will likely be using that platform as well, which is where you’ll then building your business online, through target marketing.

Where Can I Promote My Business forFree

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free? (My Favorites)

Where Can I Promote My Business for Free

If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t I’d have to choose two. The first platform I’d choose if YouTube. Video marketing is by far one of the best ways to build trust and connect with potential customers. By solving problems and providing solutions on video, consumers feel more confident about a purchasing decision once they can see and get a better feel of who you are. Now, what better way to do that then on video?

where can i promote my business for free

The second platform I’d choose, is Google. Why? Well when it comes to searching for more information, we tend to do it a lot don’t we? For instance, take a second and ask yourself, how many times have you either come across their home page or used their search tool to find more information about something you’re interested or looking for, today only? Yea, now you’re understanding the power of Google and why it makes sense to put your business in front of those who will likely be searching for more information about, your company, products or services.

Wondering how do I get my posts in Google? First, create your own website and set up your blog.

Don’t have a business to promote yet? No worries, you can start your very own business for free today!

You’ll get access to a free website builder along with business training that’ll show you step by step how to set up your business for online success. It’s simple to use, websites looks great and is completely free to get started. I recommend you check it out, it’s the same platform I use to build my websites.


Have any questions or suggestions to add to this list? Please share them below in the comments section.

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