How to Sell More on Facebook Effectively

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Want to learn how to sell more on Facebook? Learning how to sell is obviously very important for your business. With that being said, they may not necessarily be the reason you’re not able to close more sales. Truth is, it’s all a process. Which is why I’m getting ready to share with you not only the process, but how you can accelerate your results simply applying the steps I’m getting ready to share with you now.

How to Sell More on Facebook

1. Find Targeted Prospects

Before you learn how to sell more, I recommend you learn how to find more quality prospects. In other words, focus on identifying your Target Market. Not sure what Target Marketing is? I explain more about it here.

2. Connect

If you’re serious about understanding how to sell more on Facebook, you’ll understand that selling isn’t about just sharing your link all of the time on social media. The question is, how many people are you connecting with on a daily basis. My favorite way to connect is through video, but more on that another time. For now, when your using Facebook, look to connect with people who may need your solutions. It will definitely help increase your sales conversion rates.

3. Identify Problem(s)

One of the best ways to sell more on Facebook, is by knowing what problems your potential customers may have, before you even speak to them. Most people online are not aware of this one small marketing tip, yet it has a ton of impact on anyone with an online business. Know your solutions and what your customers need, your prospects will know if you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about.

4. Solutions & Follow-Up

This step here alone, can potentially be the make or break of any business. If you want to sell on Facebook, that’s one thing. But selling, as I tend to say a lot, is not the only thing you need to do in order to make money. Once your prospect is sold, that’s when it comes time to close. So what’s the best way to close the deal? Well you can follow these tips in my private group for one. I use the same information to sell and close the deal at a successful rate. Another thing, give more information and call to action’s, letting them know what to do and how to get started.


When it comes to learning how to sell more on Facebook, it all comes down to the approach. I’m sure you’ve gone to YouTube and Google, searched for strategies, yet, all of them seem similar. I believe in a principle based marketing approach, one that can work universally through each platform. But, at the end of the day, you can’t sell anything, if you don’t have anyone to sell to daily. It’s important you learn how to find targeted prospects daily. Want to know the best part? I actually show you how it works. Once you start applying what you’re going to learn, your results can increase big time!

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