How I Create My Own Business Website Free

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When I first got started in business, I always wondered, how do I create my own business website free and have it look professional. Is that similar to your situation? Yea, every time I searched for a new platform, I kept noticing I couldn’t claim full control over the features I wanted. Now finally, after all of the long searching, I was ablt to find a website builder that allows me to have full control over my website, design, features and more. Wondering how I did it?

I’m going to get to that in just a bit, but first, let’s understand why having your own website is important.

Why Should I Create My Own Business Website Free?

If you’re wondering why should I create my own business website, here’s why I believe you should. Question, so when you’re promoting your content on social media, are people you want to buy your products looking at just you, or other people’s products as well? Exactly, it’s time to take control over what’s being shown to your audience. That my friend, is where the website kicks in. Yes, it’s helps for branding purposes, but it also helps to have a say on how many ads your audience sees, and how often they see them. Yes, you’re going to need an audience and learn how to promote to that group of people. Use this as a starting point for attracting and engaging your audience. Once you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to do just that with your very own website.

Create My Own Business Website Free

STEP 1 – Create Your Free Website Account Here

Here’s the platform I use to build my own business website, or websites rather, free of charge.

Now although you may have created your free account using the link above, following the next step is most important!

Plus, your website and blog content comes google ready as far as indexing and ranking if you complete the training below.

STEP 2 – Complete Website Training Level-1

Create My Own Business Website Free

The best way to build a website free with this platform is by, completing level one of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. Step by step you’re going to learn how to create and design your website for visitors and sales online. You’ll realize how simple it really is here.

STEP 3 – Contact Me If You Need Assistance

If you want to know how I’ve been able to create my own business website and landing pages, connect with me on either Instagram of Facebook. If you find the process to be overwhelming, feel free to reach out to me once you’ve created your free account. You’re likely going to find that the process it simple and fun as you’re accomplishing building your website.


This is honestly how I’ve been able to create my own business website free, yet still have a super professional look to it. I can say it’s hands down one of the best website building platforms online. Did you find this post helpful? Share you questions and feedback below.

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